Jim Martinez

Jim Martinez grew up learning real estate and property management from his family. He enjoyed his experiences so much that he purchased his first piece of real estate at age 21, while in college. Jim is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Administrative Studies. Jim entered the finance industry in 1993 and quickly became the top manager in California for one of the leading finance companies in the nation. While working in finance, Jim realized that he could marry his passion for real estate to his lending capabilities, which would enable more families to achieve their goal of home ownership. Jim made the move to working exclusively in the mortgage industry in 2002, rising to the top of his area as a top branch manager again. Throughout the years, Jim has navigated a variety of real estate and mortgage markets, from the good economy of the early 2000’s to the downturn and recession in 2008 through the comeback and low rates of the last few years. Jim’s experience and wisdom allows him to analyze the positives and negatives of any situation, overcome obstacles and pivot to the best outcome. Having this type of experience draws people into relationship with Jim, allowing them to benefit from his skills. His team enjoys Jim as a leader, subject matter expert and problem-solver. If you are interested in Jim’s expertise, whether you are searching for a mortgage or looking for the right culture and team in a new workplace, contact Jim at (951) 741-1777.


Cristina Martinez

Cristina is thankful to have the privilege to work with families in obtaining the financing for their home via a purchase or refinance mortgage loan. Whether it’s their first time, second, third, or however many times – the mortgage industry guidelines are always changing. And so it’s Cristina’s pleasure to approach every transaction with “going back to the basics” mentality. She provides the information, resources, and options the client needs to make an educated and confident decision. You can expect professionalism, clarity, and mindfulness. Jim Martinez Group is equipped with the support staff to provide every client with the experience they deserve and are fluent in Spanish as well.


April Hanton

April Hanton is a Senior Loan Officer with Sun West Mortgage Company. She enjoys helping clients realize the dream of home ownership while achieving their financial goals, often through a home purchase, a renovation loan, a great refinance opportunity or a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage to enhance the client’s lifestyle. April has a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. With her vast knowledge of loan products, she chose Sun West Mortgage to be able to offer her clients an extensive array of loan programs to meet their needs. Working with April, clients experience the benefits of an educational relationship. April takes pleasure in explaining the loan process and using current technology to stay in contact with her clients, both throughout the loan process and into the future. She ensures her clients are informed so that quality financial decisions are made for the future. If you would like to experience the professionalism, trust and benefits obtained when working with April, contact her today!


Linda Jimenez

Tired of the run around when looking for mortgage financing? Don’t understand what all the financing terms mean? Looking for excellent service? Do you want someone who has a heart of gold and can educate you on every detail? You need to call Linda Jimenez TODAY! Linda’s 25 years of experience in mortgage loans makes her your perfect choice for your mortgage loan officer. Linda enjoys explaining all the terms, details and specific programs to her clients to ensure they are educated and make the best financing choices for the largest purchase of their lives. Linda loves a challenge and will search endlessly to locate the best loan program for each individual client she serves to fulfill their needs. Linda provides such exceptional client service that she has been awarded multiple certificates of achievement for outstanding client service and was honored with a customer service leadership award. When she’s not meeting with clients or working on loans, Linda delights in traveling to other countries, where she relishes learning about different cultures. At home, Linda’s favorite time is spent around the dinner table with her family. Experience the service you deserve – contact Linda today!


Martin Luczaj

With over 2 years of industry experience, Martin Luczaj has proven time and time again to surpasss expectations and provide excellent customer service for hundreds of individuals in the mortgage market. Martin’s industry knowledge, experience and dedication to each individual client has helped borrowers obtain financial independence and home ownership.

“There is something great about helping a first time home buyer achieve the dream of owning a home.”
—Martin Luczaj

Martin has a wide range of services that he offers his clients, including:

. Purchasing the home of your dreams
. First Time Homeowner Programs
. Refinance and cash out options
. Real Estate Investor Loans
. Fix and Flip Bridge Loans
. Reverse Mortgages

Martin’s consistent excellence in the field has lead him to be the first choice of hundreds of clients, who know he will take care of them from the beginning to the end of the loan process. Martin acts as a mortgage advisor to his clients and will continue to follow up with past clients. informing them of the current market conditions and options that are available to them.

“The finest compliment that I can receive is a referral from my friends and clients.”


Greg Seymour

Greg Seymour grew up just outside Philadelphia, PA near the famous Valley Forge Park. Greg has 3 brothers of which 1 is his twin, and a sister. His family moved to Glendora, CA in 1973 after he finished elementary school. He attended Citrus College in Azusa, CA where he earned two Associate of Arts degrees in Humanities and Mathematics. He also has a certificate/Diploma in Accounting from Sawyer College in Pomona, CA. Greg started his career in retail, moved into banking and quickly moved into the mortgage industry in May of 1985 at the urging of his first wife. They purchased their first home in 1987 and enjoyed the emotion that came with achieving such a monumental goal. He wanted others to feel that same pride and joy as well. Greg is bilingual and can read and write in both English and Spanish. In his free time, Greg enjoys spending time with his two children and directing the Spanish choir at church. Greg’s years in the mortgage industry has allowed him to gain a depth of product knowledge enabling Greg to find solutions for his clients needs. Being a problem solver with a heart of compassion, Greg wants his clients to enjoy and feel the pride and ownership of becoming a homeowner, so he helps and teaches them about how to handle their credit to increase their FICO score as well as the complete loan process. He walks them throughout the process and is there with them when signing the loan documents. Greg is thorough, ensuring every detail is taken care of and has the staff behind him helping him every step of the way so that his clients are informed and feel comfortable with their future secure and planned out. Contact Greg today to find the solution for your home financing!


Jenero Jordan

Jenero Jordan is an accomplished individual, having played college football, served in the US Air Force, owned several businesses and worked tirelessly to help countless Americans enjoy homeownership by obtaining mortgage loans. Having grown up in Southern California and earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cal State San Bernardino, Jenero has his finger on the pulse of the local real estate and mortgage markets. Clients can expect nothing less than the best when working with Jenero. He prides himself on his knowledge of loan programs and products to ensure his clients’ finances and future goals are on track. In fact, some of Jenero’s favorite moments are helping a client purchase a home that they never believed they could, making their dreams come true! When Jenero is relaxing, he loves to cook and travel by cruise ship to various countries around the world. Enjoying food from many different cultures is another of Jenero’s pleasures. Want to make your dreams come true? Call Jenero today for your free home loan consultation and start dreaming!

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